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The "quadrapod" is a contraption made using trekking poles. We have four trekking poles between the two of us and use velcro straps to hold them together and lash a camera on top. This only takes about 30 seconds to set up and take down, so we use it for self portraits when no one else is around and for some low light photography.

The principle of the quadrapod is that the camera is mounted on a miniature tripod and lashed to the handle of a trekking pole. Three other trekking poles are lashed to the center post to keep the center post stabilized. All of the lashing is done using Velcro. We stuck adhesive Velcro to the trekking poles as can be seen in the picture below. So far the adhesive has held up just fine through rain and use. More adhesive Velcro was stuck to itself to form double sided Velcro to lash the camera on to the center pole and all the poles together.

Velcro lashing four trekking poles together into the quadrapod