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This page describes our photographic gear. If you are interested in our hiking gear, check out our homemade gear page.

Most of the photographs on this site were taken with one of three cameras, all Canon brand. We have a Powershot G3, Digital Rebel XT and SD300. The Powershot G3 was our first digital camera (thanks Mom and Dad) and was used on our John Muir Trail and China trips. The ability to change aperture and shutter speeds and immediately see the effect increased our learning and got us more interested in photography.

Since we were enjoying photography so much with the G3, we decided to buy a Digital Rebel XT and the kit 18-55mm lens. We also have a Sigma APO 70-300mm and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. Just recently we got an Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS lens to take on our Colorado Trail and other hikes along with the 50mm prime. So far we have been very impressed with this lens and will really appreciate having the image stabilization since we will not be carrying a tripod on these trips. We will use a "quadrapod" consisting of four trekking poles connected with Velcro for self portraits.

Since two cameras aren't enough for two people, we got an Canon SD300 for Lis to carry while backpacking. It is super light - nearly a pound lighter than the G3 - and takes very nice pictures. It does lack any sort of manual control but it is so small that it easily fits into a pocket.

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