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Affiliate links - if you click on these links on your way to purchasing items from these companies, we get a percentage of the sale. We do not receive any information about what you purchased.

Trail links - useful information about various hiking trails.

Photography links - pages about photography.

  • Fred Miranda - some amazingly talented landscape photographers post here
  • Luminous Landscape - Michael Reichmann's usually interesting page
  • DPReview - a great source of information on cameras and lenses
  • - another source of useful information about photography

Web hosting links - links to resources used in the creation of this web page.

  • PHP - a programming language used to generate web pages
  • Plogger - great photo gallery software
  • Sphider - really nice open source search engine (although our page isn't indexed right now)
  • GoDaddy - our web host, no frills at all, but cheap