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The John Muir Trail is a 225-mile trail winding its way through the crest of the Sierras. We hiked the trail North to South, starting at the floor of the Yosemite Valley, passing by Tuolomne Meadows, and heading out of the Southwest end of the park. The trail passes through three National Parks (Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia) as well as the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness Areas. The trail also passes through Devils Postpile National Monument.

We started on Sunday July 11th, and left via the Whitney Portal on Monday, July 26th. We have a journal of our trip, which you can read here and our pictures can be found here. We averaged just over 16 miles a day on full hiking days, and climbed over 49,000 feet up, and lost 40,000 feet over those two weeks. Overall, Brian lost 10 pounds, Lis lost 7. Of course, that was all gained back within a week of being allowed to eat however much of whatever we wanted!

The JMT is an absolutely amazing trail and is a super introduction into longish distance backpacking. We certainly got bit by the bug, and have since done the Colorado Trail, plan on doing a ton of tramps in New Zealand and maybe the Washington state section of the PCT.