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Almost ready!

Brian here.

We are relaxing in Dennisville having an absolutely wonderful time. Gramma is making sure that we are well fed and well taken care of, and Gramma and Grandfud are being most hospitable hosts. We are having good nap, eating, nap and family time.

It seems that our server is checking its emails appropriately, so hopefully our posts will be updated whenever we get into a town to send them. If not, there is a link on the main journal page that you can click on to tell it to check for new mail.

Lis, my Mom, Fergie dog and I have been going on short (1 to 2 hour) walks in the mornings. Lis and I have been carrying our packs with about 20 pounds in them. That should be about what our packs will weigh with three to four days of food. Even though we haven't walked more than 5 miles or so, everything is feeling good and we are excited about starting on the trail.

I also seam sealed the tarp last night. Despite not even attaching the floor to the bug netting, it seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping the South Jersey mosquitos at bay. Of course, we will see whether it still works over the course of an entire night when the bug magnet, my dear wife, is inside. So now the only thing remaining is to permethrin treat our clothes and pick up a few last minute items (stove alcohol, etc) in Denver.

Below is an anticipated itinerary for our town stops, organized by approximate arrival date. We intend, at this time, to take a zero (rest) day in Breckenridge, Salida and Creede. Of course, this schedule is subject to change. We will undoubtedly be several days off in one direction or another, but it should be a rough guide.

Aug 10 - Denver

Aug 14 - Jefferson

Aug 17 - Breckenridge (via Copper Mountain)

Aug 22 - Twin Lakes

Aug 25 - Princeton Hot Springs

Aug 26 - Salida

Sep 1 - Creede

Sep 5 - Silverton

Sep 9 - Durango

Which way to Durango?


Map from the Colorado Trail Foundation web page.

Colorado Trail Map